Smart Network Data Services

SNDS is a service that grants email senders access to data about emails received by This includes data about spam and complaints.

In order to gain access to the data, you need to prove to Microsoft (who runs, that you have control over the IP addresses that you send from.

In order to do this you need the following:

Given the above pieces of data, the authorization process can be started at

The authorization procedure uses DNS to figure out who is sending from the IP address in question, so you need to have your domain configured correctly.

Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) is a revolutionary initiative designed to allow everyone who owns IP space to contribute to the fight against spam, malware, viruses, and other Internet evils, to protect email and the Internet as a valued communications, productivity and commerce tool., with over 350 million active user accounts world-wide, is in a unique position to collect and analyze email activity data. By providing that data to service providers, most of whom wouldn’t otherwise have access to any such data, they are empowered to use their relationship with their customers to react and take repair actions, such as preventing spam from originating within their IP space. The overarching goal of SNDS is to make the Internet a better, safer place. Working together, and service providers can make their respective customers happier and more satisfied with the various services we all provide.

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