Google Postmaster Tools

Insight into how Googles email infrastructure (ie Gmail and apps for domains) see your domain and the emails you've sent.

Postmaster Tools is a service by Google that gives email senders access to data about emails received by Gmail and Googles other email services. This includes data about spam complaints and domain reputation.

In order to access the reports in Postmaster Tools you need to verify that you own the domain in question. To do that you need a few things:

We've written a guide on how to add your domain to Postmaster Tools.

Available reports

When you've added your domain to Google Postmaster Tools you can access a bunch of interesting reports:

My reports are empty?!

Do note that most of the reports need a sizable daily volume of email traffic (up to the order of hundreds) sent from your domains in order to show any data.

In addition, some reports like Spam Rate and Feedback Loop need your emails to be authenticated by DKIM.

So if you get a message saying No data to display at this time. Please come back later. you might be sending too few emails to Google to use Postmaster Tools effectively.

You might also need to increase the timeframe for your report. By default it is showing you data for the last 7 days, which might not be enough data. You can change this in the top right corner of the interface.

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