How to verify your domain

Imagine if your competitor could set up a newsletter in your name and send emails from your domain? To prevent that all email service providers require you to verify your domain.

Verify your domain by email

This is a pretty simple process. The service sends an email to an email address on the domain you need to verify and you click a link in that email.

Let's assume you want to send your newsletter or your transactional emails from [email protected], but your own email address is [email protected].

Enter your own email address in the user interface and have the service send the verification email to that. Note that this isn't necessarily the email address you want to send your newsletter from. The important part is that the domain name (ie the text after @) is the same - in this case

You then head to your inbox where you'll hopefully find an email from your email service provider. Either click the link in that email, or copy the code and enter it into the providers interface, and you should be good to go.

Don't forget to authenticate your domain as well

Now that you've verified that you own the domain, you should also authenticate it. This basically means that you tell other email servers that your email service provider is allowed to send emails from your domain. This reduces your risk of ending up in the spam folder.

The process here is often a bit more involved and requires changing your DNS records; we've written two guides to help you with this: